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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  November 22, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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>> med ne x provides immedia s care. >> i'm betting on it. >> i like it, too. >> 2 for 2.ananananananananananl michael flynn ton fight against isis. now back to "cashin' in." the united states in partnership with our coalition will remain relentless on all fronts -- military, humanitarian and diplomatic. we have the right strategy and we'll see it through. >> new terror attacks and a downed russian airliner president obama doubling down on what he calls the right strategy. france's president holland disagrees calling for a global coalition to finally defeat isis and when he visit it is white house next week he'll probably and reportedly be asking our president to intensify our fight against the killers vowing to snuff out the free world. do the french have it right? i'm eric bolling. welcome to kwoez cas"cashin' i."
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welcome to everybody. michelle, when france says americans are stronger, we're in trouble, aren't we ? >> yeah. the president said his strategy is working whatever it is. it's obviously not. we have multiple attacks in paris, beirut. the bombing of an airliner. russia is a cancer on the world and the president thinks he can solve it by giving it tylenol and a band aid. that's not how we tackle this area issue. these aren't terrorists dealing in the shadows. this organization is basically a state with complete control over lots of territory. has its own welfare system. it's time we take them seriously. >> all right. you are here in studio. i'm asking a tough question. what is the white house strategy? what's the obama strategy to defeat isis? >> he made it clear he'll be accelerating the baseline
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strategy that will remain the same. use air strikes to build coalition forces to support kurds and iraqi sunnis. to michelle's point -- >> hold on. >> what do you mean? >> we are sending in -- [ speaking at once ] >> we hear all the time the obama strategy. he said our strategy is working. i'm -- >> i just told you what it was. it's an air campaign. >> it's clearly not working. >> i'm not -- no. let me get this in. i'm not saying it's completely working. look at what hillary clinton laid out in her speech . >> on obama, jess. >> i gave you the obama strategy. it's to not start another ground war in the middle east. >> the strategy is a nonstrategy. >> it's not. >> if you ask the average american for the obama strategy, maybe one in 10,000 could articulate it. we know the strategy has been
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weak. this is tremendous evasion, i think, on the president's part. militant islam is raging worldwide. five major attacks in november. they have gotten more bloody, more brazen. what is it the rest of us are is seeing that the president is not. >> look, i do this for a living. i can't figure out his strategy. it was a year and a half -- >> hold on. >> 14 months ago president obama said we'll start an air campaign against isis. the numbers are this. they have averaged ten sortis, ten bombi ining missions per da. france said we'lle do it 2,000 per day. france said they killed 129 of our citizens. they have 24 bombing raids, 24 planes dedicated with an aircraft carrier. those are strategies. us? doesn't seem we have one. >> there is a moral certainty. france's president talked about a state of war. a big part of winning a bar isn't just bombing but
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discrediting the ideas of naziism or shintoism were discredited. that needs to be done to militant islam. that entails not being a pacifist or weak. having the mother-in-law fortitude to stand up and defend. >> jessica is one of the most in touch democrats that we put on our air. and she herself is having a hard time mapping out what this perceived strategy. >> it's not only just the strategy. it has to do with the communication that the american people are having or lack thereof with the administration. they are not telling us what the strategy is. we are being kept in the dark. president obama said everything is fine. americans are safe. this week the director of the fbi said the paris attack isn't a one-off. there will likely be more in the u.s. what's the strategy? what should americans be doing? there is no communication.
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>> what's a nice thing to do for the american people would be the if president obama sat down with the joint chiefs of staff, his generals, and the defense department and said, hey, what do we do for isis. >> he does meet with the generals. he does have foreign policy advisers. they are against starting a ground war which is all we are hearing coming out of the right at this point. the idea is to intensify, build stronger coalitions, push the gulf states to do more. it's important to know what the next commander in chief will do. she'll put pressure on qatar. >> what's the state of obama? >> that's the problem. war is terrible. fight it and be done with it. what's the language? >> this is thousands of years of war. you think you will be done with it? 100,000 troops and we're done? >> so was shintoism during world
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war 2. you say we'll degrade and ultimately deeffete, that's -- >> it should not be containment as the goal. we need to move past it, talk about defeating it. >> we haven't heard it at all. >> the yazidis have been freed -- >> the pope called it possibly the beginning of the third world war. the pope has done it but the commander in chief can't get to that level. i think the world is in a global war on terror right now. it's world war 3. jess, the guy just doesn't have it. he doesn't see it. he doesn't want to admit it. there are certainly language problems. >> language -- >> people el are dying, jess. it's not a language problem. >> i should not take the subway because i was scared of a terror
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threat? i lived through 9/11. i'm not taking it lightly. the president does have a strategy. you may not like it. we may need to do more. >> john? >> giving in that we'll spend the next five decades dealing with militant islam isn't a strategy for winning a war. >> how do you eradicate it? how do you do it? >> i'll give you one. level raqqa. if you are near it, you will die. level them. >> from the sky. >> this is up to the generals. specificallile how you go out fighting a war is up to the generals. >> i agree. >> the commander in chief should say send isis back to the stone age. >> he doesn't want to hear from the generals. they tell him how to win. they will advise him and he does his own strategy. i have to leave tlit. coming up, from doubling down on the isis strategy to doubling down on closing gitmo the administration said it will save
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the same day terrorists were attacking paris the u.s. released five more terror suspects from guantanamo bay to the middle east. now the president says more will be on the way. >> early by next year we may
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have fewer than a hundred people at guantanamo. we are spending millions of dollars per detainee. it's not necessary for us to keep our people safe. >> john, under the title "you can't make this stuff up" literally the same day paris was attacked by terrorists we are let ing terrorists go. >> i'm bewildered. this is how a country acts during war? a week of tremendously murderous attacks you are releasing islamists. justice for islamists the same week? honestly from john kerry's perspective this is a belief that keeping gitmo open or being aggressive about american self-defense encourages the enemy like we are asking it by looking out for ourselves. as long as they have that attitude and one of the four people release ed from gitmo ends up back in the battlefield again. >> jonathan makes a good point. when president obama took over that was a campaign promise. he was going to liquidate guantanamo bay, shut it down.
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he's doing it piecemeal. one of the people he sent back in december was osama bin laden's body guard. >> i know that. the five detainees were low level detainees. 2009 task force and six security agencies reapproved the release of or five of them. [ all speaking at once ] >> you're a terrorist. there is no such thing as low level. you're a terrorist, you are an awful person. these people won't go back and join the local reading book club. they are going to retaliate against the united states. this idea that people are committing terrorist acts because of guantanamo bay is ridiculous. they are going after anyone who is not an extreme muslim. that's what they are doing. >> in the earlier block we talked about discrediting the ideas. when it comes to releasing islamists from gitmo, how does it look to the world? do we want to eradicate ideas?
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>> these people have been in prisoned without being charged for anything. you realize that? that's not how we do things. >> okay. so president obama said the reason he wanted to close gitmo because terrorists view it as a recruiting tool. here are the numbers. 200 the day he took over. 107 now. on his way to below 100 as he points out soon. he's release ing gitmo detainees, terrorists, but they still hate us and they are still recruiting. >> it has nothing to do with it. social media is a recruiting tool. are we going to shut down social media? it's not just gitmo. >> he doesn't say it's just gitmo. he's making good on a campaign promise. we know his goal is to have 59
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detainees. then hopefully moving to the united states. they say we won't hold terrorists on u.s. soil, but we do. >> that's the same basic fallacy. what's causing this aggression toward the u.s.? u.s. presidents in the middle east, u.s. ideas. it's u.s. self-defense in the middle east. that doesn't encourage your enemy. it discourages them. we are letting presidents walk out of gitmo. terrible. >> the ak semiradiation of isis is due to our attitude? that's what you are arguing? >> no. it's our lackadaisical attitude. >> why bomb it if it's just our fault why bomb beirut. >> maybe since turkey president obama announced he wanted to close gitmo because detainees there cost a lot of money. like a million dollar as year. here is a guy who increased government spending by a trillion dollars in seven years.
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which i think people would spend know ing they were off the battlefie battlefield. >> that's a silly argument. right now we are at war. the idea that we should be releasing them now when there are attacks in paris and beirut, it's a terrible time to do it. >> jess? >> when is it a good time? >> i don't think we should -- >> i don't think we should hand over. you guys are kt acting like we are sending them straight to damascus. we are sending themle to an ally. we know from the earlier release one of the soldiers did end up back on the battlefield. >> one out of five. >> not insignificant. >> i do know it's 20%. >> that's okay. >> it should be zero. i guarantee the number would be zero if we don't release.
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>> that's -- >> we'll leave it there. perfect. while d.c. is battling over what to do with legal refugees illegal ones are trying to sneak in. time for the trump wall? >> syrians are being caught at the southern border like i said. they will be pouring in. we buddy- nice place, nice car what happened? well, it all started with my free credit score from credit they gave me so much more than a free credit score. credit sesame's money management tools and personalized offers saved me tons of money and helped me reach my goals. i just signed up with their free app. what's my credit score? your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. syrians are now being caught at the southern border, just like i said. they are going to be pouring in. we don't know who they are. could be isis.
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we need a new president fast. >> well, maybe this is why trump is rising in the polls after the paris attacks. strong talk and tweets about protecting our homeland and border. and with five syrian men just getting snagged in honduras with doctored greek passports hoping to make it to america. sure seems like we better secure the borders soon. you want to start with john? i will start with john. okay. >> you know, i have been an advocate for open immigration. the refugee issue, however. this is a little bit different. the reason we have a refugee crisis is a function of our inability or unwillingness to destroy militant islam. during times of war it is perfectly appropriate to restrict immigration of your enemies or known enemies. >> part of the reason trump's numbers are bumpi ining up and are. >> you don't win a war through homeland security. you don't win a war by building a wall.
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you win by destroying the enemy. the best offense offense, not defense, when it comes to war. >> michelle? >> this is why we shouldn't have open borders. you say we should have restrictive -- >> during periods of war. >> we are always at war with these people. they are always going to want to kill us. >> we don't need to be. if you destroy the enemy. we don't worry about germans coming in with nazi sympathies anymore. we destroyed the enemy. >> we need -- >> a wall? >> borders that are borders not now where anybody can slip in, cross a board, go through central america. this is a problem. >> jess? >> it's amazing to me we are having this conversation. the border is more secure than it's been in 40 years. the migration institute showed based on who was coming in and out of the country it is not a southern border problem. the budget -- >> i don't care if it's better than it was 40 years ago. it need s to be better, period. >> 18,000 border patrol agents.
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you say, blah, blah, blah caught there. isn't that -- >> the youtube pro border people. open them all. are you not worried that isis and other terrorist wills say, that border is easy to get through. >> it's not easy to get through. >> i will fly to mexico and walk right across the border like millions of others do every year. >> they don't. >> what do you mean? >> we have a million less undocumented immigrants in this country than eight years ago. if you paid attention to anything martin o'malley said -- >> used to be. >> you can't just walk across the border anymore. >> michelle, say it again . >> it just takes one person. you're saying it's not a big deal. there aren't that many. just one. one bad guy, jess. >> that's why you have to be discriminating in a time of war. in a period of war, eric. i'm an advocate for open borders. there are two exceptions. people with communicable diseases and people who are
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enemies or potential enemies. >> trump is gaining in the polls because of ideas like this, he's gaining in the polls because of bad information. he's fear mongering, putting out unfounded information. >> or -- >> or he's gaining in the polls because he's saying what people are feeling, jess. people are worried that they can walk -- >> he's feeding -- >> if i'm a terrorist am i trying to fly in? hell, no. i will go to a south american country and walk through the border like everyone else. >> you can't walk through. there are border patrol agents who will send you back. >> did you say you can't walk through? >> it's secure. i know geographically you can walk across the border. >> take a look at these syrian refugee s. they have just proven why we need to go slow with the refugee program. the pursuit of healthier.
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i want to say thanks to the "cashin' in" crew for joining us. head over to fox to see
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jonathan's stock picks. president obama, secretary john kerry and most democrats want to let in tens of thousands of syrian refugee s. they say don't worry, america. we'll vet them. really? there are no records or databases to tap in to vet the syrians. in fact, we have no idea who they are. are these men refugees seeking political asylum or syrian fighters or worse, are they isis fighters posing as refugees, what i have coined re fu-jihadis. is that insensitive? consider these young men trying to migrate to germany. they had maps to get there making authorities fear them. let's play a game. which group is alleged isis terrorists and which are asylum-seeking refugees. if you can't that's the point. the alleged terrorists are on the left. the refugee s on the right. not all refugee s are refu
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dejihadis, but it only takes one. one simple soda can can bring down a passenger jet-liner. have a safe weekend, everybody. >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the food lovers fat loss system, brought to you by provida life sciences-- practical solutions for better living. >> i'm annette, i'm from studio city, california. i'm a mother of three, i weight 155-1/2 pounds. this is the heaviest i've ever been. i'm a size 10. ...and this is me now! i lost 25 pounds and went from that size 10 to this size 2 in just 12 weeks. how did i do it? i became a food lover. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 36 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i've lost 50 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 60 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 82 pounds in eight months.


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